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”God works powerfully and miraculously among you because of your believing in, and adhering to and trusting in and relying on the message that you heard.” Galatians 3:5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     O how we daily pray, desire, long and cry for financial, healing, relationship, conception, employment, marital, or academic miracles in our lives and that of our loved ones, but how seldom we experience them when compared with what He desires to do for, in, with and among us. Did not our Lord Jesus say ”all things are possible to him/her who believes”. Did you notice the verb believe is in present continuous tense. He didn’t say the one that believe BUT the one who believes; meaning the person believes and keeps on believing while AWAITING the manifestation of what is believed for. Did not the apostle who wrote the epistle to the Hebrews define faith as the evidence, and assurance of things HOPED for. In other words faith is being sure of and ACTING, BEHAVING in ways that prove we have the assurance of the things we hope for. If that is what faith is and it truly is, then since the things we hope for are NOT seen therefore for them to become manifest, we MUST CONTINUE hoping for them. Apostle Paul emphasized this while writing about Abraham, ” against hope (there was no hope that Abraham would have children, BUT he believed God’s Word and promise and CONTINUED hoping and never DOUBTED God and NEVER STOPPED believing) he hoped, and so became the father of many nations. Romans 4:18, 20. Friend, our text says God gives/ performs miracles for and among those who keeps believing, adhering , trusting and relying on the PROMISE He made to them in His Word, EVEN when they don’t have a reason to keep believing it. That is radical and different from what we normally do isn’t it. Friend do you or your loved one NEED a miracle? Well act RADICALLY and DIFFERENTLY today and experience a radical turn around of circumstances and situations for the best in your life and that of your loved ones!

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”Lord of Armies if you will look at my misery, remember me, ….” 1 Samuel 1:11

To be remembered is to be brought back to memory; to be rewarded or be given a present. Remembrance is very important in life. Nothing gets done apart from it. Every remembrance brings about a visitation, whereas every visitation brings about a turn around, a transformation of events, circumstances and situations, because Visitation brings about a fulfilment of destiny and changed testimonies. Until a person is remembered everything remains the same. Remembrance also brings repentance and repentance brings salvation. It is the desire of everyone to be remembered of and by those who ought to.
Hannah knew all these as revealed in our anchor text above. This explains why she prayed to God to remember her. It was not like God forgot her because God CANNOT forget. She was actually asking God to visit and reward her, to bring a turn around of the situation of her life.
Before now she had lived a miserable life, being taunted, derided and severely provoked for several years by Peninah. This earned her the unpopular position of a weeping, starving, worrying and complaining exper. Even the Annual Feast could change this tilte. Vv 6,7.

God was waiting for a change of attitude in Hannah. He was waiting for her to stop worrying and complaining. He was waiting for her faith level to grow up. God wanted to raise an deliverer for His people. He wanted not an ordinary child. He choose Hannah for it BUT wanted to get her ready to give Him back the child when born. vs 11. The moment she was ready, she cried out to God to be remembered and Gof remembered her, God gave her the promised child, God visited her and changed her destiny. Vv 17-20.
Friend your present unfavorable situation, that which has been a source of riddicle and taunting to you, DOES NOT mean God has forgotten you. He is just awaiting growth of your trust and faith level in Him. God CANNOT forget YOU. When your trust and faith level on His Word rises, when you stop worrying you can now cry out to Him to remember, visit, or reward you and He sure will. Possibly He is awaitong your willingness to trust Him enough to even give Him back whatever it is you are desiring after or He wants you to seek and love Him MORE than what you currently want Him to do for you. Just trust Him and He sure will NOT fail you.

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The Promised Time

When the time that God had promised had almost come, …. The king was shrewd in the way he took advantage of our people . He mistreated our ancestors. Acts 7:17-19. Picture the situation, the Jews were having a rather quiet and peaceful dwelling in Egypt. Suddenly there was a turn of events. Love turn to hatred, peace turned to punishment, freedom turned to slavery; they were passing through fire, it seemed they had been forgotten and abandoned by the same God who brought them to Egypt. Ironically this downward turn of events were orchestrated by this same God, but they Jews never knew. Have you ever been here before, can anyone identify with me here. You got into a business partnership, or venture, you rented an accommodation, you are in a relationship, you are into something you were very sure God led you to BUT right now, out of the blues, like flash of lightening, there appeared a sudden downturn of events. Come on friend, LISTEN carefully, the fire you are passing through could be God speaking to you. It could be His refining and purifying process. Job said after he has made me pass through fire, I’ll come out as PURE as GOLD (23:10). That’s exactly what He did for the Jews in Egypt. He may be preparing you for a change and transfer. It could be that the time for a fulfilment of a promise you have long forgotten has come. LOOK UP and LISTEN child of God so you dont miss your miracle. Have a blissful month ahead.

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Operation No Wavering!

Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was absolutely convinced that God was able to do anything he promised Romans 4:20

Wavering is a side effect of unbelief which is the very opposite of faith. It is the only handicap the promises of God suffer in human hands. It is the only inhibition to an experiential knowledge of the promises of God. Promises, both human and divine are useless, unless they are translated into an experience. This transmission of a promise into an experience happens by fulfilment. There is a definite specific action, a determination needed in order to midwife or give birth to an experiential knowledge of divine promise.

Promises are not seen at the moment they are made otherwise they will cease from being a promise. In-between a promise, especially a divine promise, and it fulfilment lies a very fierce battle; the battle for belief or the battle for faith. The epistle to the Hebrews says “without faith it is impossible to please God” (11:6).

Abraham received the promise of an heir who will at the end possess the Promised Land. After the promise, seconds roll into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Nothing seemed to happen. Naturally speaking when all hopes were supposed to have dried up, when it became humanly impossible for the promise to be fulfilled, when naturally he should lose all hope, when there was nothing left to believe in, when the natural course would have been unbelief, the scripture said against hope Abraham believed.He never knew what the future holds BUT KNEW Him who holds the future! Invariably he declared a war against unbelief and wavering. He chose to have faith in God in a hopeless and faithless situation.

Friend, what promises of God have you believed and been hoping for their fulfilment in your life but they had remain unfulfilled. There is only one option left for you in order to experience their fulfilment. You must declare a war against unbelief and wavering in order to experience the fulfilment of these promises! This war proves your trust in Him who has made the promise! such trust He never ignores! Grace be upon your spirit!!

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Walking In Glory

Be careful how you live among your unbelieving neighbors. Even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will believe and give honor to God when he comes to judge the world. I Peter 2:12

The life of the Christian is not a private thing; it is more of a communal affair. Although each person shall give an account of his/her life to the Lord, whatever each person thinks, says, does or fail to do has a spiraling effect both on the believers and unbelievers as well.
Our text states the fact we cannot be free from accusation no matter how hard we try, because they [will] ridicule you as if you were doing wrong.However at the same time as they accuse you, live your life in such a manner that while they are watching you do good things, they will praise God 1 Peter 2:12 (GW).

There is therefore a call on the believer to be above reproach, and live an impeccable life as the Lord Jesus Himself did who said the devil has no loophole in Me! Notice here that no matter what we do, the flesh will always war against our soul as long as we are here on earth. Therefore the Lord says so I warn you to keep away from evil desires because they fight against your very souls. Dear brothers and sisters, you are foreigners and aliens here. So I warn you to keep away from evil desires because they fight against your very souls.   (verse 11).
Listen to this: It is God’s will that your good lives should silence those who make foolish accusations against you Vs 15. The silencing of the foolish may involve your suffering unjustly. Such is very pleasing to God and brings Him glory hence if you endure suffering for doing something good; God is pleased with you Vs.20 (GW). This is the life God has designed for you therefore He left you the example: God called you to endure suffering because Christ suffered for you. He left you an example so that you could follow in his footsteps.  Vs.21 (GW).
His glory is everything and makes the whole difference in life. It distinguishes and determines all things. Excellence, protection, promotion, prosperity, and productivity are all bye products of His glory. The glory of the Lord is the Lord Himself. Whoever knows and has it knows and have the Lord. Whoever knows and has the Lord has everything the Lord has.
The price of His glory is becoming a conductor. His glory is always available to be transferred through glory conductors and channels. As many as know Him can become glory conductors BUT not all that know Him are glory conductors. His glory is transferred and conducted through contact. No reasonable and meaningful Christian operates without His glory. Any Christian without the covering of His glory, operating outside His glory is a powerless Christian. When His glory comes, every other thing gives way.
What things are you ready to suffer and endure today so as to have or maintain a contact with Him and conduct His glory; what actions are you being called to take to silence the foolish ones around you? What glory inhibitors are you being called upon to sacrifice at the altar today? Will you be obedient today?

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Spring In Your Hill Judges 15:13,14

Spring In Your Hill!  Judges 15:13,14

The hill is usually characterized with dryness, and challenges! However it’s only in the midst of the difficulties that the power of God is made manifest. Until there is a challenging situation the power of God cannot be manifested nor experienced. God saves only those in dangerous situations. You cannot experience the salvation of God until you face a threat or challenge to and in your life. Challenges and difficulties are the catalyst of the power of God. There exists a spring [water] in your hill!

Samson was empowered by the Spirit of God to defeat and overcome his enemies; he killed a thousand of them with just a jaw bone of an ass [donkey]. What you have [your instrument or weapon] is not very important, what is important is who is behind the instrument you have. The Spirit of God came on him and empowered him only at Lehi. Before now, he was a mere captive of the enemy, at the mercy of the enemy. Lehi was his place of deliverance. There is a Lehi set by God for you, friend. You may have be bound and held captive by the enemy; the enemy may even be celebrating your defeat and downfall and their apparent victory, with shouts of triumph as they did Samson [Judges 15:14a]. Hold on friend, your deliverance is at your Lehi, because the Spirit of deliverance and victory; the Spirit of the Lord, will come upon you once you’re there. He will arise on your behalf the moment your life is threatened! [Judges15:14].

Whether the enemy comes to destroy you by human or natural in elements, there is always deliverance at your Lehi. I believe the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson at Lehi in response to his call. This is authenticated by the record of his call for deliverance from destruction through natural element- thirst! [Judges15:18]. Furthermore hundreds of years later, the Spirit of the Lord said; it shall come to pass that whoever will call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved! [Joel 2:32;Romans 10:13].

Friend, notice there was a spring [water] in the hill all the while, but it was out of the reach of Samson UNTIL he called out to God. Notice also Samson would have died by the hands of the Philistines and or of thirst if he hadn’t called out to God! Your spring [water] that will guarantee your continuation in ministry, marriage, vocation or profession is available to you just at the price of a mere calling out to God!!!! There is a spring [water] in your hill! Call to God today and He will split open the hollow place and your life saving water will gush out! Grace upon grace!

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What Kind of a Priest Are You? Ezekiel 40:45,46


The question above might be deceptive in that the reader may say, well this is not for me, because I’m not a priest. it has to do with priest. If you take that position you’re right in a sense, because in the Old Testament priesthood is an exclusive reserve of the Levites. However, the Old has passed and we are in the New! Under the New covenant, priesthood belongs to all believers in Christ, as Apostle Peter puts it in his first epistle ” You are a chosen people. You are a kingdom of priest,  God’s holy nation, His very own possession” 2:9. So wherever the Child of God finds him or herself s/he has been called as a priest to serve. In all endeavours and fields of life God have priests.

The Prophet Ezekiel revealed that there are Temple Priests and Altar Priests. The Temple Priests serve ONLY at the Temple. Every Levite is a Temple priest, but not every Levite can be an Altar priest. Serving at the Altar or becoming an Altar priest is the exclusive reserve of the sons of Zadok,[ the son of Eliezer, the son of Aaron, whose name means righteousness. He aided King David during the revolt of Absalom], and their descendants. Only the Altar priest can serve at the Altar. They are the ONLY Levites allowed to , and who are able to come near the Lord and serve Him.

By implication, Temple Priest serve the people, humankind, because they are the ones found in the Temple. The Temple Priest take care of the mundane things of worship like ceremonial washing, etc. Whereas the Altar Priests serve the Lord, because He is the one found at and who dwells on the Altar. They are the ones involved with the real things, the real act of worship, the offering of oblations and sacrifices to the Lord. They are the ones that have contact with God, hear His voice and bring the petition of the people to the Lord. Interestingly they are all priests, but the difference is undeniably very clear. The Sons of Zadok got the privilege of becoming Altar priest because Zadok distinguished himself before the Lord. They were all on the same level as sons of Levi, but Zadok’s action distinguished him from among his peers.

Friend, God wants to distinguish you in your chosen field , carrier and marriage, BUT before He will do that, you MUST first distinguish yourself with honourable actions before the Lord!! You must stand out for righteousness at all cost. You must choose to suffer for righteousness instead of compromising your faith.  By this the Lord will elevate you from a Temple Priest to an Altar Priest. What type of priest are you? God’s grace.

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It is Time for You to Retire. Nehemia 13:15

Retirement is often dreaded in all quarters of life. Many manipulations and all sorts of shady deals are perpetrated to postpone or prolong retirement date. However retirement must come whatever you do.
Retirement is simply a cessation from one particular duty or job and most often a translation into another. The new job or responsibility undertaken after retirement must not necesssily be remunerative.

In Nehemia 13, the Jews were heavily engaged in the job of desecrating the sabbath. Nehemia rose to the need of the moment, he began by pleading with the people and arguing with them to retire from desecrating the Sabbath. He went further to compel them to to retire in other to ensure they cease from sinning against God. In other words retire from sin. Notice it took a plea, an argument, and compulsion before the they were got to retire.

Friend it is time for you to retire, you cannot continue living in sin. Whatever things you do to hide your sins will not and cannot work out. You must retire from your sins in other to experience peace. When you retire from sin, God will compel the consequences of sin to be retired in your life. Some of the consequences of sin, may like the Jews and all other people ripe for retiremet, try to evade retirement but be rest assured they must retire. The trend is first, you retire from your sins and God will compel the consequences of sin like sickness, sorrow, suffering, pain and poverty to retire in your life.

For instance in the gospel according to St. John chapter 5, the paralytic who has been a slave and a worker to sickness for 38year was freed and the paralysis compelled to retire by Jesus. As Jesus compelled the paralysis to retire, even so He will compell every unhealthy situation and circumstances in your life to retire as you retire from sin.

Happy retirement from sin, sickness and sorrow.

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Made For Glory Isaiah 49:3

There’s nothing as important to God as His glory. Of all His creations only humankind has the ability to give and bring Him glory. The knowledge of this great privilege is paramount for a successful life and ministry; and an effective relationship with God. Although all humankind can give God glory, however not all of humankind do qualify at all times to give Him glory. It is ONLY His servants, those living in obedience to Him,  that can give Him glory! Every servant of God brings glory to Him when that servant fulfils or accomplishes the will of God  for His people or a divine mandate!



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The Deceit of the Enemy

The devil is a master- strategist. He has two modes of operation. He attacks the root of your strong points to weaken it and attacks your weakest points. He simply cannot attack your strong point directly because he cannot overcome you there. So indirectly he will attack the very nerve of your strong point, just to weaken it to enable him now launch the devastating blow! His desire is always to create an inroad in your defence. This inroad breaks your life security hedge built by God. The Spirit of the Lord says “whoever breaks the hedge the serpent bites'”. Invariably whoever does not break the hedge is saved from the bite of the serpent. The serpent of course is no other than satan the lucifer.

Nothing gives the devil an inroad into your life than fear. The hedge was built on faith, fear and faith cannot coexist. Fear is doubts key/ password for destruction. Once there is fear there cannot be faith, once  faith is absent, God cannot be pleased, once God is not pleased the devil has a field day!

The devil will use every resource and trick available to him to get you to doubt God’s promises and to question His faithfulness. Once this is done, you have become like a robot and toy in the hands of the devil. Beware, Child of God and never fall prey to the devices and schemes of lucifer.

You’re blessed and destined to be on the Throne ruling your world!  Just keep on being vigilant and sober!!

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