Send your light and your truth to guide me, to lead me to your holy mountain, to your home. Psalm 43:3 ERV

Light brings the brightness of daybreak, stimulates sight and makes things visible. It’s also God’s rays of revelation-truth that comforts and gently leads onto His radiant presence. Our text reveals the power of the Light.

Beloved, Light enlightens, corrects, directs, illumines, reveals and guides. Your degree of enlightenment, determines your degree of right actions and excellence. God’s holy mountain is the mount of His holiness where His terbernacle is, which is His dwelling place. Until you find your way to this sacred place of the burning presence of the exuberant and magnificent God, you can’t receive enlightenment and can’t sing your thanks with a harp in worship of Him. The power of the Light is revealed in its ability to lead you to this sacred place of His holy presence, which is only where deliverance from ignorance is received and understanding, knowledge, and power to do the mind of God are gained [James 4:13-16]. It’s takes the power of the Light to experience deliverance from ignorance, be wise and not to take advantage of the poor, thereby insulting their Maker, but to honor Him by being kind to them. Only the power of the Light can make you a wise person and not a fool [Proverbs 14:31-33]. Though the Light is always available, but being guided and led by it is impossible without knowing, receiving and allowing it to lead you, which involves a deliberate choice.

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Ever-Living and changless God, thank You for Your light that’s always available to illumine my path and lead me into Your radiant and exuberant presence so that I’ll always excell in life. Today and always, help me to crave for and never reject, but receive the ministry of this light, that I’ll always dwell in Your presence and excel in everything I do, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Welcome to November. Allow yourself to always be lead to excellence by the Light of God.

About Papa ONBC

Hi. I'm a clergy of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. I was called into the pastoral ministry at the age of 2. I answered the called to full time pastoral ministry at the age of 22. I am a Pastor and a Teacher. I have a special calling to Marriage, Children and Youth ministries. My driving passion in life is to discover and do His will, while making same known to others! Seeing God’s will done gives me the greatest joy in life! I believe that absolutely nothing in life is impossible to him who believes. As long as God said it, all you need do is to BELIEVE it and you’ll surely experience it!
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