“When Moses turned forty, his heart was stirred for his people, the Israelites. [24] One day he saw one of our people being violently mistreated, so he came to his rescue, and with his own hands Moses murdered the abusive Egyptian. [25] Moses hoped that when the people realized how he had rescued one of their own, they would recognize him as their deliverer. How wrong he was! Acts 7:23-25 TPT

Providence is God’s foresight, the way He anticipates and prepares for the future, guides and steers your life personally and individually as well as human history. Our text reveals how God uses even your mistakes.

Beloved, Providence is God’s sustaining and ruling presence and activeness in the world, which arranges, commands, controls, decides, decrees, determines, directs, ordains, plans, and purposes every event in history. You’re bound to make mistakes as human, on daily basis if not guided and led by the Holy Spirit. However, you need not worry much about your mistakes, if your desire is to please the Lord, and you hand them over to Him. This is because, your mistakes though usually very costly, are still used by God to weave the beautiful fabric called your life. The attempt of Moses to defend or come to the rescue of the Israelites at forty, was a very bad and wrong move, because it was presumptuous and ill-timed, hence unacceptable to the people, which resulted to his exile. However, God used the exile to connect him with Jethro, prepare and fashion him into the deliverer He destined him to be. Your mistakes can be used for or against you, depending on whom you were in the process of pleasing when it was made, for instance Absalom [2 Samuel 17:14; Romans 8:28].

Grace upon grace!
Team Treasure

PRAYER: Thank You Lord that You reign and rule over this universe and is in charge of human history, also that in all things, mistakes inclusive, You work for the good of those who love You. Thank You for the difference prayer makes and the astonishing way in which You work Your purposes out through history and through Your prophets like Moses. Today and always, as I trust in Your providence over all the events and circumstances in my life, I receive the fulfillment of Your plans for my life, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Hi. I'm a clergy of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. I was called into the pastoral ministry at the age of 2. I answered the called to full time pastoral ministry at the age of 22. I am a Pastor and a Teacher. I have a special calling to Marriage, Children and Youth ministries. My driving passion in life is to discover and do His will, while making same known to others! Seeing God’s will done gives me the greatest joy in life! I believe that absolutely nothing in life is impossible to him who believes. As long as God said it, all you need do is to BELIEVE it and you’ll surely experience it!
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