Get Ready to Be Gathered

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, [thou] that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under [her] wings, and ye would not! Matthew 23:37.

God’s plan and desire is to GATHER Jerusalem (His own people) under His wings just as mother hen does to her chicks, BUT His own rejected and keeps rejecting the offer. Mother hen gathers her chicks to provide them warmth during cold, shelter from rain, a nest to rest in and shelter from danger and harm. Under the wings there is salvation. The wings of Mother hen are always there, but the chicks MUST choose to go under them before they could enjoy the above benefits. Also it is the Mother Hen that KNOWS when the chicks needs the shadow of her wings. It could be by day when d heat is so intense or its raining, it could be after having sourced for food for a long while and rest is needed, it could also be at night. The duty of the chicks is to make use of what has been provided. Similarly the Lord knows all you need and what is best for you at any moment. The Psalmist said, ”there is the snare of the fowler and the perilous pestilence, the terror by night and arrow by day; pestilence in darkness and destruction at noon” 91:3-6. These are all meant to destroy. The only protection against them is ”The Refuge” which is under the His Wings where His feathers becomes a covering. This protection is available always YET most time His people like Jerusalem of old, still falls prey and are overtaken by danger and destruction, because the refuse and reject the shadow of His wings in preference to the light of their provision. Friend in your profession, marriage, family, work, church, academics, investments, etc What ”light” have you chosen in preference to ”the Shadow of His Wings”. Will you continue like Jerusalem to reject the warmth, and shelter He has given you to your detriment? Take a bold step today.

About Papa ONBC

Hi. I'm a clergy of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. I was called into the pastoral ministry at the age of 2. I answered the called to full time pastoral ministry at the age of 22. I am a Pastor and a Teacher. I have a special calling to Marriage, Children and Youth ministries. My driving passion in life is to discover and do His will, while making same known to others! Seeing God’s will done gives me the greatest joy in life! I believe that absolutely nothing in life is impossible to him who believes. As long as God said it, all you need do is to BELIEVE it and you’ll surely experience it!
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